Sunday, November 4, 2012

Essentials in My Purse

To be perfectly honest, I'm writing about what's in my purse today primarily because the other prompt was not one I wanted to tackle.

I only have one thing in my purse that directly relates to health. That is the card that tells my blood type. Back in 1974 when we first went to Brazil, our doctor intern friend who spent many hours teaching us Portuguese, was horrified that we did not know our blood types. So he made sure we had blood drawn and analyzed and presented us with cards showing our blood type and Rh factor.

The other health related item I always have in my purse is Stevia sweetener. My husband has lost 65 pounds in the last year and is trying to keep it off. Stevia is the only palatable sweetener we've found that he is happy with. So it's always in my purse and available whenever we're out and about together if he needs some.