Thursday, May 10, 2012

Round Three of the HCG Diet

We're now on what we hope will be the last round of HCG to get my husband down to the weight he would like to maintain. He's in the second week of Phase 2 and is bored out of his wits with the limited choices of meals. But on the positive side, the weight keeps coming off and he's doing fine. Our local postmistress finally noticed and commented on his weight loss yesterday. We all decided she isn't a very observant person! Weight is now hovering at around the 220 lb mark and his goal is to get below 200. Thanks to the great nutritional supplements he takes along with doing the HCG diet, he is able to carry on with normal routine and work with no problems at all. His absolute favorite meal so far on this plan is chili made with lean hamburger, tomato, gourmet chili powder we got from one of the health food stores that sells spices in bulk, a little cilantro and cumin, salt, etc. It's easy to make and as long as I don't get too carried away with the chili powder, he loves it. It helps to have fresh beet greens and other fresh vegetables from our garden. I'm not sure how this would go without them. Even more boring, I'm afraid.