Sunday, July 22, 2012

30 Day Plan to Weight Loss Forever

Well, we are officially finished with the HCG diet. (But let me add here that my husband would absolutely NOT recommend this diet to anyone - even though he lost a lot of weight.) Total pounds lost were 65! The best part is that my husband has diminished by 3 sizes. The down side is that he will need to buy all new clothes. So far he has been holding up his now very baggy pants using suspenders! I like the look of this new, thinner man who is so important to me. As he has transitioned out of the HCG, he was introduced to the Isagenix 30 day System which he is now officially using. This is a much more balanced approach and really incorporates a lifestyle change along with the best "superfoods" in the world; at least we think so. So the last stretch of the weight loss down to below 200 will be with the help of this system. He is feeling so much better and is really enjoying being relatively thin again (down to around 215) and minus the big belly he had acquired at 280 pounds. If you are interested in losing weight in a healthy manner and would also like to earn a good income from home, check out the link above. We are on an awesome "ride" and would love to have you join us.